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spring Hours

Tues 3pm - 10pm (open Mic 6pm)

Weds 3pm - 10pm (live music 6pm)

thurs 3pm - 10pm (live Music 6pm)

fri 3pm - 12pm (live Music 6pm)

Sat 12pm - 12pm (live Music 6pm *all day if sunny)

Sun 12pm - 9pm (live Music 3pm)

Live Music


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Jean Luc

May music lineup

Tues 7th 6-9 - Weds 8th zach saunders 6-9 - thurs 9th ze lollygaggers 6-9 - fri 10th rosa murray 7-10pm - Sat 11th alonzo wang blues 2-8 - sun 12th zach saunders 2-5 - Tuesday 14th open mic 6-9pm - weds 15th zach saunders 6-9 - thurs 16th brian holmes 6-9 - friday 17th glasta band 6-9 - sat 18th alonzo wang 4-9 - Sun 19th alonzo wang blues 2-8 - Tuesday 14th open mic 6-9pm - weds 22nd open mic 7-10 - thurs 18th sean from the Yukon 6-9 - fri 19th rossa murray 6-9 - Weds 24th open mic 7-10 - thurs 25th estelle honeywell 6-9 - Fri 26th Phil Bo 6-9 - Sat 27th alonzo wang blues 2-8 - Sun 28th alonzo wang blues 2-8

Jam is on the patio


Food Trucks


Fire pits

Live music

Live tuneskys

Hot cider

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plaza of nations


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